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pearl. >> it is july 22nd we have made it through we >> guess it's pretty nice outside we've made through a week this is a look of current temperatures outside right now parent 67 from half moon bay and this is what about high temperatures are expected later on this afternoon this is a look of your seven day forecast mid
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'80s in the inland spots we are still tracking of hotspot free ride today across the san mateo bridge is an easy ride know backups or delayed a 13 minute drive time getting across road work in the order morning hours already pickups at a schedule. >> 6 02 a.m. we have new information on the bryan stowe case they have arrested two more suspects in the beating of the 42 year-old paramedic this happened outside of dodger stadium. 318 year-old jail body were aware as well be exaggerated he had been arrested as the primary
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aggressor this is his attorney speaking >> i think in the world and will understand that what i now that he has and always has been a in as a man. >> the family responded to these latest announcement parent >> they wanna talk to the lapd to get more informations on this it is always on brian brian is starting to respond to verbal commands he is mulling his last name this is great news he he had an emergency surgery couple days ago after suffering at 32nd seizure this is his cousin talking about the latest unrest >> where it is waiting like everyone else we have a big
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job to do and that when we're putting all our faith and the lapd it is a long road ahead of them we are waiting for the legal process to take shape >> notice he said waiting were in with investigators the one make sure brian gets everything he needs even though he is making progress is it is in a men. there are times when he does not take as separate to back in his rehabilitation. maybe they
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do have the final what to arrest >> the other big story this morning officer involved shooting in the bayview district police said 19 year-old kenneth harding may have died from a self- inflicted gunshot want he had been stopped by beliefs and other routine transfers check. he opened fire in a foot chase eliminate autopsy reports that the caliber of but let does not match the caliber of the guns used by police. that 38-caliber that was found in his head is not the 40 caliber that the officers use they have not recovered the gun at that
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harding used to shoot himself. they have to determine if it is not sure if he shot a cell for for a was an accident >> apple is in our early talks to buy whhoulolu. >> we'll take a look at our mt. tam cam we will be back in commence
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to a murder of former employees told art of son james at that they knew of the hacking. there is also word that police were ride into tracking people on
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their cell phones president barack obama duron-speakers john boehner aren't continuing their negotiations in a bipartisan plan to reach a deadline by august 2nd when asked what that means that for people they collect social security this what the president has to say >> if we do not have money you have to make some difficult choices we have as 70 million checks have to be sent out and all them have to be covered. >> the president is holding a town hall meeting in the baltimore md. at the
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university today. >> making headlines across the nation is the heat wave. they have temperatures in lead triple digit id even jumps up with the heat index up to a hundred and 20 degrees. we are dealing with very mild weather with the mid '80s and sunny skies it's really delicious, mom.
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although we have a cool down more most of the country is under a heat watch we love this time. this zoo animals
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are suffering all sell a lot of people are worried that that electricity providers might overlie yield of the power grid. the heat wave could continue into the weekend. >> take a look at some of these numbers. they are not getting any relief we are having a cooling trend. currently samper discount is at 56 degrees
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. this is a look at the fog as it works its way inland and then by the evening hours it retreats and then returns once again overnight this a lot of temperatures later on today in the bay area. and we're taking all of the seven day
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forecast we will be dealing with the morning fog staying in the mid-80s lows '70s and we all have similar conditions for the beginning of the workweek. >> we just got word of an accident in so the metering lights have been activated the accident is already cleared from the traffic lanes. we may not see this backup ups go into the macarthur maze. that accident on the bridge has already been cleared. san mateo bridge it traffic looks good hours to the
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golden gate bridge fog and at mid span and no delays. public transit is still doing well. >> it is 6:90 a.m. two men are in custody after a standoff ended last night it happened in union city beer in the men were trying to burglarize on all one that shot at officers and ran off and was captured the other one gave himself ups the wall and that is charged with attempted napping she followed a three year-old and that that child's three teenage sister fluoresces
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bail has been set for the fbi said he has ties to the bay area his mother suffers from alzheimer's disease and he has abused his mother in the past two suspected gang members are been charged in them brutal beating of a 20 year- old union city then dumping her body and that oakland neighborhood and setting it on fire they have not disclose the exact model hector garcia and salvador by lasko road as is thought it was found in the street
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in the oakland that rock ridge district a memorial service will be held it in a peninsula for red east palo alto homicide victim was side shot while sitting in a car she was taken to the hospital and died for injuries. >> another fund-raiser is set for tonight to raise money for boom nursing student michele lento a clubbing not fund it raises at icon alter lounge. the 26 year-old nursing student was last seen two months ago on a break from kaiser medical center hayward police said
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it is up, the family still believe she is alive big news for players and fans of football and also new in the " don't ask, don't tell " in the military is in the works lots of sunshine and few cars out there we will be right back
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in national knows we're that close to football the honors have full house signed a deal but the players now
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have to ratify the deal it is a tenure proposal players get over almost half of the revenue there will be a salary cap of $120 million they could be free agents after four seasons lure rookie salaries and no more two a day practices during the season to prevent injuries. repealing the 17 year-old ban on will not hurt the military the repeal of the ban the well come into affect 60 days after it is >> about >> stock futures still positive in 4 minutes
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the dow jones well open we will keep one eye on it oil prices now have reached honored dollars a barrel in asia and borders liquidation plan will go into affect. we're glad take a quick rate at 627 and new details and password sniggers and maria shriver is divorce. this is
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a look at the golden gate bridge. little fog out there and traffic is fine. there it is everybody is getting ready for the stock exchange shut so weakened and that on a positive note
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>> >> i live look at the new york stock exchange eight p l is getting ready to ring the bell and we will get trading under way. as mt and dell all trading positive everything is getting underway on this friday.
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>> two new suspects were arrested in the beating of giants fan it could be in that the original suspect give on a high grass where as a will be exonerated. >> police in san francisco a shootout with kennett harding a parolee out of seattle wound up him shooting himself. this is the wrong video. we will go to the harding story the parolee in seattle he was involved in a shootout with police we will take a crack and goethe weather.
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>> blue skies out there to beautiful. >> this is a live look at the san mateo bridge low cloud cover and fog. it is warming up to 72 by noontime a mixed bag of 505 60s. this is a look of current temperatures around the bay area. late '80s along the peninsula expected later on today 86 for fairfield we will have a full forecast coming up
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>> we are still enjoy hot spot free ride the metering lights were activated all little bit earlier. it is still a good ride. >> 6:32 a.m. new-line details in the bryan stowe investigation more arrests have been made to new suspects were arrested on wednesday for the beating of the paramedic it does happen outside of dodger stadium if they prosecute the two arrested the prime suspect that had been in jail will be exonerated this is what
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that attorney for mayor as sad >> i have been down all along that my client is innocent. >> we will bring you more on style and his family. >> police have released a surveillance of video of the recent officer involved in shooting at the civic center at the blue circle is a knife that the suspects through at the bart officer it bounced off the train and landed on the floor at that point the officer fired his gun and the suspect was killed at one point he threw a bottle at the two officers it was shown by
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the police chief in slow motion as allen was a regular time. it shows the white officer pulling his revolver it is difficult to follow here holding it in his left hand and once again you see the knife in net losethat blue circle. that is when the officer fired his opinion that is the latest with that story.
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>> we have new details on the divorce of our gold as schwarzenegger's and maria shriver this is a split screen of the couple. there is one big difference this schwarzenegger's says he does not want a pay the attorneys' fees associated with the divorce and does not want to pay any espousals support they are trying to end their 25 year marriage. it all came to an end after source near admitted to having a child with a housekeeper. >> the dow just open so let's take look at dead it is down 12 points. after just opening news of a
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second bailout for greece did increase. >> take a look at these her brazen " out this curtain down the store. @p@po'
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time now is 6:40 a.m. and we will have another beautiful day today this is a look of current temperatures around the bay area 71 in downtown san francisco 83 did say degrees in san jose and
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those of you heading to the ballgame today first pitches at 715 it'll be 64 degrees. >> national news a train hit the car in suburban chicago and killing at least two people in a car some people on the train were also report. you conceive wreckage of a car and the train the impact pushed the train off the track you can see all the people after this happened it delayed 40 other trains in its path they have to figure out what happened >> one person has died and 20 people are injured after
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a tour bus at a tractor trailer collided in new york it caught fire earlier this morning the bus is just a shell the exact count of the injury is not clear some were taken by helicopters someone by ambulance and some went by private vehicles. >> meanwhile all long skirt and a liquor store owner in florida to look expensive bottles of wine 1 c. appears to grab a bottle of wine and put it up under her skirt for bottles in all valued at about four matter dollars this particular owner said he has lost thousands of
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dollars guess it is a sign of the economy. >> we're going to have news on buster posey parent and the dow is down 31 points we will be right back
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we're back 6:45 a.m. remember this after that collision he was out for this season posey is getting the screws removed from his ankle and then he will go back into physical therapy. he has lost five to 10 lbs. nt has been all >> * 646 and we are taking a live look at san jose we are
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expecting a beautiful day today morning low clouds will see lots of sunshine slightly cooler as we head into the weekend temperatures outsider mostly in the '50s 59 in fairfield. our future cast 4 set for 3:00 p.m. 80s in the orange let's take a closer look good the numbers this is it what by temperatures will be our around the bay area. a
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mixed bag of '80s and '90s and we take a look of ours is seven day forecast made at 86 for the weekend 60s for the coast and we will see similar condition as we head into the work week let's check on traffic >> we can continue to attract a good commute we have of back up at the toll
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plaza the crash cleared this traffic is backed up to 880 over crossing parent it is not badly backed up by all the right lane is all little slow we're not doing too badly i am not sure it is back up will continue to grow and also the early activation of metering lights the san mateo bridge still still light traffic for a 80 and 101. >> 6:49 a.m. as southern
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california woman accused of cutting off her husband's penis and putting it down the garbage disposal is expected to make a court appearance today she is being charged with tortured and aggravated mayhem charges they say she would have attacked her husband after she drugged him she could be found guilty and serve life without the possibility of parole commented that trolled women's and facebook accounts and wanted to take over their e-mail's accounts is being charged with false impersonation he violated the online privacy in 17 different state and
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also in england said to research six years in prison where his attorney only once for. >> the district attorney's office at&t offered violated california closet in disposing of waste that diesel fuel flowed into the water >> world news today nato said 50 insurgence were killed in eastern afghanistan how they have ties to lead alabama >> the crisis all libya a
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market duffy has dismissed any possibility of speaking with the rebels on behalf of the country the rebels pushed on through three fronts and most western companies have recognized them >> this just in to the kron 4 news room there has been a an explosion on an oslo norway it has evacuated government buildings in downtown oslo the newspaper offices in the area were damaged and there is smoke drifting in a street in this reporter saw i young man bleeding from the leg it is not clear how many injured as i said this is just coming into the kron 4 newsroom >> the exotic snake we will
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expect and more on a bus coming up. g school year.
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will look at the temperatures. we are in for a cool down today. fun it is going to go easy down to 85 by saturday and sunday. it looks like a nice weekend. here is a live look outside show you the blue skies over san francisco. b will be right back.
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>> and the top stories in this hour, edelman skin restorative bryan still, there are too numerous that estimate. while you'll of this means for the man who had been prime suspect.

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